XLX 287 Reflector | BM TG530287 | YSF 89797 - NZ YSF-XLX287


Located in Hastings, New Zealand | Hosted by ZL2WL / ZL2WLR


Current BrandMeister / D-Star talk groups linked to our modules

XLX287D linked to BM TG530287   XLX287Z linked to BM TG530   XLX287T linked to BM TG53060  
XLX287Q linked to BM TG5054   XLX287B linked to BM TG53029   XLX287C linked to BM TG53050  

# Flag Callsign Suffix DPRS Via / Peer Last heard Listening on
1 JapanJapan 7J1AJH DMR XLX287 G / BM5051 20.01.2019 15:54 Z
2 New ZealandNew Zealand ZL4AU DMR XLX287 G / BM5051 20.01.2019 15:52 Z
3 New ZealandNew Zealand ZL1KAN DMR XLX287 G / BM5051 20.01.2019 15:48 T
TG 530287
Email zl2wl.wane@gmail.com